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Walking the Silver How Ridge.

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What cookies does Lakeland Walking Breaks use?

Because we do not require users to log in using a password, or have restricted areas of the site, the only Cookies used on Lakeland Walking Breaks are those set by Companies that provide us with services to help us maintain the site and display some of the content. These cookies come from Twitter, Google or You Tube, as outlined below.

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Our Privacy Policy

Lakeland Walking Breaks does not gather and store information about individual users of this site. All usage information gathered by Lakeland Walking Breaks is in the form of web statistics in order to determine the amount of traffic that uses the site to further improve it. Individual users are not identified or tracked for any reason.

For those purchasing Walking Guides from the Jonathan Craig Guides section of the site, all information gathered is purely to enable us to service any order placed, however, names and addresses of those people purchasing books are securely retained for administrative purposes and may be used in order to notify those people of new products and services being offered on the Lakeland Walking Breaks site. We do not, however, under any circumstances, sell, give or offer any such information to any third party unless that third party is involved in the servicing of their order. (Eg. Royal Mail).

Payment for books sold on the Jonathan Craig Guides section of the site is made via Paypal, and subject to their policies, terms and conditions. Lakeland Walking Breaks does not have access to the financial details, (eg. card details etc.) of individual purchasers. This information is collected and stored by Paypal under their terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions for purchasing books from the Jonathan Craig Guides area of the site are available on the relevant Jonathan Craig Guides pages. Please click here.

There are a number of online stores on the site that are powered by Amazon. This is highlighted on the relevant page, and all purchases made via these stores are under the terms and conditions set out by Amazon and it's partners.

Our General Terms

Lakeland Walking Breaks is an independent promotional website that aims to highlight walks in the Lake District, and advertise a range of related guide books and accommodation for walkers planning to visit the Lake District.

The hotels and guest houses and self catering agencies advertised on Lakeland Walking Breaks are independent of Lakeland Walking Breaks and any bookings or enquiry for bookings should be made with the independent hotel concerned.

Any dispute arising between you, the user of this web site, and any advertiser is not the responsibility of Lakeland Walking Breaks. As a user of this web site you understand that Lakeland Walking Breaks is not liable for any business advertising on the site.

All offers made by advertisers are deemed correct at the time of publication, but are subject to change without notice. The copy of any advertisement featured on this web site does not form part of any contract between a user of the web site and any advertiser. All accommodation is offered subject to availability.

When you book accommodation with any advertiser on this web site you should check their terms and conditions of booking.

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